The Process Of Applying For A Loan

When you apply for finance or refinancing a loan through Finance and Loan, we’ll make an appointment to come see you. We’ll find a time that suits your hours and we’ll come to you in your home. We’ll ask you to have some documentation ready. We’ll need documentation of current loans and debts, property value, other assets you own, and earnings from wages or business.

We’ll Need A Few Hours Of Your Time

We’ll spend a couple hours with you getting to know you and your financials. The better we know you the better we can find the right loan for you. It doesn’t always come down to the best rates, though that’s always a priority. Your credit history, your earnings, your debts, all have a role to play in what loan best suits you. If you have existing debts, like credit card, then rolling them into the loan (see debt consolidation) can make considerable savings for you.

During this time we often find we can advise our clients in matters to help improve their financial standings. In getting to know you we can bring our knowledge of finance and loans to the table in a way that helps beyond the just great loan rates.

Best Rates From Big Banks

After our meeting we’ll go away and get you the best rates. We deal directly with banks and lenders to make sure you get the best rates. As industry leaders in finance and loan our ability to get great rates speaks for itself.  With our knowledge, experience and connections within the industry we’re confident we’ll show you a finance and loan solution that makes you happy.

There is never any obligation to follow our advice or accept the loans we present. We’ll bring that loan back to you and let you decide. If we’re bringing you better rates and improving your financial situation then we hope that speaks for itself, as it often does.

At this point you’re free consider the loan and compare it. If your current lender is able to match the loan then great. We’ve done our job. Continue in your current agreement with a lower rate. If not, we’re happy to guide you through the next part of the process.

Changing Your Loan

It’s not as hard as you think. Banks are keen for your business. We arrange the loan with them and between us the new agreement is made that replaces your old one. We’ll talk directly with the manager of your new lender and arrange for all loan agreement documents to be made ready for you.

It’s always great to see people making changes that will benefit them for years and decades to come. There’s often a sense of excitement when our clients sign a new loan agreement. After years of doing this it’s difficult not to share in that.

Follow Up

Having helped you to improve your financial position through your new loan, we’ll know do what the banks never do. We’ll follow up. Your position changes, markets change, loan rates change. If we think we can find you a better deal down the track then we’ll do it for you again.


For more information and or to arrange a consultation please contact us.

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