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Your home loan will always be a major factor in your overall wealth. Getting the right rate and setting the best strategy for that loan will save you tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the loan.

But for many people it’s about the property. It’s about a place to live and about securing a future in that home.

At Finance and Loan we work with our clients and maintain our relationship with them. It’s important for us to understand the goals of property buyers, to recommend the right home loan to them, and to review that loan as their needs change.

Best Rates For Gold Coast Home Loans

We work with all the major lenders and some 2nd tier lenders to get our clients the home loan that best serves their needs. Our independence is one of our most valued assets, meaning we can always deliver the best rates. Our industry knowledge and our expertise means we can always find rates you probably didn’t know existed, or in many cases just aren’t made available to the average home loan seeker. We rely on our ability to source the best home loans at the best rates for our clients.

Home Loan Solutions For Gold Coast Families

It’s not just about home loan rates though is it. It starts there but then we can build our relationship around that and work out how to better service you. An intelligent solution may incorporate other features. We take the time to get to know our clients. This process often reveals ways for us to further improve their financial situation. Perhaps there are credit card debts or car loans we can incorporate into the loan (see debt consolidation). Investor owners often have other forms of wealth they want to contribute to the equation, like self-managed super. Though not always as good as this looks, we will always consider self-managed super and incorporate it when it’s in the best interests of our clients.

Why A Home Loan With Finance and Loan And Not A Bank?

Once we have a solution in place for our clients, we will then review that solution a year later and see if we can help further, respond to market or personal changes, help in some way tailor a better solution. That’s a crucial difference between Finance and Loan and a bank. A bank will give you a loan but are unlikely to review or reduce that loan. We’re always wondering if there isn’t something we can do to improve our clients lot.

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We work with all the major banks to source your loan. With Finance and Loan you are financing through a bank. There are several key differences between sourcing directly through a bank and through Finance and Loan. As we said above, our independence means we can get you the best rate. Our expertise means we can in many cases source rates beyond market expectations. We also work hands on with our clients, we’re interested in their financial situation, not just their loan, we review and improve solutions are years unfold. We become your partner and work with you when you need us.


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