Case Study: Max & Jasmine

Max and Jasmine are home loan interest rate hunters. They know their bank won’t tell them to seek a second opinion so they go out and find their own rates. They had a home loan with a major Australian bank. Max and Jasmine contacted Finance and Loans for a second opinion to assess if there were any more competitive interest rates compared to their current home loan. After careful research and negotiating on behalf of Max & Jasmine we were able to assist Max and Jasmine in the following:

Max and Jasmine’s current home loan:

Loan Account Total Amount Monthly Repayments
Home Loan 5.3% -30 year term $ 575,000 $ 3,193.10
Total $ 575,000 $ 3,193.10


Max and Jasmine home loan after refinance:

Loan Account Total Amount Monthly Repayments
Home Loan 4.3% -30 year term $ 575,000 $ 2,846.10
Total $ 575,000 $ 2,846.10


Monthly Savings


Yearly Savings




Max & Jasmine decided to continued to make the same repayments of $3,193. This will result with them paying off the home loan nearly 6 years earlier and potential interest savings of $99,000.