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Financing motorbikes, especially first bikes, can be a bit tricky at times. For young motorcyclists with no proven credit record getting motorbike finance is frustrated by the inability to prove that they are a good credit risk.

Financing Bikes

At Finance and Loan, we specialise in financing homes, debt consolidation and re-financing. We’re always happy to talk to prospective clients about financing anything, whether house, motorcycle, caravan or boat. When it comes to financing motorcycles, sometimes a motorcyclists wants to talk to another motorcyclists. If that’s you, try Nightcraft Finance. They are a subsidiary of Nightcraft Bobbers, a company that do amazing things with LAMS approved cruisers. We know the guys at Nightcraft Finance on a personal level and are happy to recommend them to anyone who wants to talk motorcycle finance with a motorcycle based company.

Nightcraft Finance specialize in financing motorbikes. They also work with a lot of young fellas getting into motorbikes for the first time. They are used to finding finance for people looking to finance a LAMS approved motorbike who have no credit history.

Nightcraft Bobbers

Since I mentioned Nightcraft Bobbers earlier, I should highlight some of the work they do. When I first saw their motorbikes, I had no idea they were all LAMS approved (leaner and provisional legal) motorbikes. They look and sound like the kind of bike you’d aspire to, not the sort of bike you start out on. They use mostly Yamaha XVS650 motorbikes as their starting point, then add a range of customizations to make them look like a cool custom bad-arse bike. The bobber style of¬†¬†motorbike is a stripped back aesthetic, so they remove things like the bulk seats and big rear fenders and replace them with bobber-style units.

If you’ve got questions about financing anything, whether motorcycle or home, please fill in out no obligation loan quotes survey and we’ll respond very quickly with details of your options. As with any load, Finance and Loan deal with a range of banks to find you the best rates when financing your motorbike. Please contact us today to begin start the process.

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