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overland caravan facebookFinancing your discretionary purchases and getting the best rate is one of Finance and Loans strongest qualities. We know that you don’t want to be burdened financially by the things you enjoy. Owning a caravan is something that gives you pleasure and allows you to enjoy your leisure hours. To do that in a way that is most affordable is what Finance and Loan want for you.

Lowest Rates For Caravan Loans

Our long associations in the finance and loan industry means we can deal directly with the big banks and the medium-sized lenders to find you the best rate. We don’t publish rates because they vary greatly, from day to day and bank to bank. Finding you the best rate is our specialty and our guarantee. We choose a from a number of lenders, including the big banks, to find you the best rates.


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Our ability to talk directly to the banks on your behalf means we have access to rates that you’re unlikely to get without our support. We’re strong and willing advocates for our clients and we can get you the best loan rate to finance your new caravan. Having experience in the caravan industry, understanding the value of caravans as an asset, the utility they provide to your lifestyle, and the concerns of banks when loaning for caravans, means we can advocate for our clients and get them the best rate. We’re always happy for our clients to use us as a comparison against other rates they’ve been offered. Our promise is to provide you a better loan.

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Talk To Us About Your Caravan Loan

No matter where you buy your caravan talk to Finance and Loan about financing your caravan purchase. Our consultations are free, carry with them no responsibility to follow our loan recommendations, and we don’t do the hard sell. We’ll demonstrate to you our ability to get you the best rates and let you make the decision to finance with us or not.

Financing caravans is a significant purchase and small variations in rates can mean $1,000s in the long and medium term. Make sure your loan is the best loan available. We look forward to talking to you.

Gold Coast Caravan Sales

A great place to look for your caravan is Gold Coast Caravan Sales. Off-road caravans from Lotus and Royal Flair, family caravans and their own brand Overland Caravans, as well as second hand caravans, all ensure you get a great choice for your next caravan purchase. Paul and Ron Dawes are great guys to deal with. Their honest advice and support during the caravan purchasing process will make sure you’re happy with the caravan you pull away with.

Overland Caravans is their own brand and they’re particularly good buying if you’re wanting a full-size caravan. They have got to be the best value full-sized caravan on the market.

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