Finance and Loan. It is what it says on the tin. We help thousands of Australians to find a better rate for loans and find solutions for servicing debts that reduce repayments.


Our independence is your guarantee of a better loan rate. We deal with all the major banks and lenders but are not beholden to any. We can always get you the best rate available and are free to give honest and open advice about which finance will benefit you most.


No pressure and no sales pitch. We’ll refinance you if it is in your best interest and we’ll give you time to consider our proposal. We know when we can improve your financial situation and we’ll take the time to explain our solutions to you. Once we’ve demonstrated our proposal to you we’ll give you time out to consider it, call your bank and ask them to match it. It would be great if your bank could match our rate, you could avoid some paperwork and continue paying your existing loan but with more money in your pocket! When they can’t we’ll be there to take you through the process of refinancing on a better rate.

Best Rates From The Best Lenders

We’ll shop around the majors and second tier banks for you to get you the best loan. We negotiate on your behalf, getting you a better rate or we don’t get your business. It’s our industry, it’s what we do, and we stake our reputation on getting the best rates from the best banks.

Financial Solutions

For many of our clients it isn’t just about the best rates. We help you find solutions to improve financial situations that include better rates for loans and debt consolidation. There may be solutions that involve superannuation. We incorporate self-managed super funds into our solutions where appropriate, though we can often demonstrate to our clients why this isn’t in their best interest. Our financial solutions are intelligent, they’re tailored for each client, and they come from decades of knowing the industry and understanding what works best for our clients.

Debt Consolidation

Often our clients have a complex debts for which they want a simple solution. Debt consolidation allows us to take those debts and consolidate them into a single loan with one low rate. Debt consolidation can save our clients thousands every year. Our case study of Mr and Mrs Smith, a slightly fictionalized case study representative of many of our clients, demonstrates how debt consolidation saves them over $10,000 per year.

What Happens When You Contact Us?

We’ll make an appointment to come see you when it best suits you. We’re always happy to come out to see you after business hours, when you have time to consider and understand what we’re proposing for you. We’ll need you to supply information regarding your existing loans and debts, the current value of your home, and income details. We’ll put these together to find the best solution for you. In most cases we’ll leave this solution with you, give you time to consider it and contact your bank. When you’re ready to refinance with us we’ll


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